New Buildings

GACE has 40 years of experience designing structures for new construction, and has proudly completed thousands of successful projects. We work on a variety of building types from low- to high-rise and single- to multi-building developments, across several project sectors including Residential, Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial/Retail, Educational, and others. Our experience encompasses a wide range of building forms, materials and structural systems.

We believe each project is a unique opportunity to contribute meaningfully to our environment, and to build relationships with the other members of the project team. Therefore, completion of the project, in which the client identifies the project as a success, is our ultimate goal. GACE encourages comments and coordination throughout the design process, to help us understand and achieve the goals of the client.

GACE will typically assign one project team to a new project, from the beginning phases through construction. We find that continuity in the team allows for more cohesive project communication both internally and externally, and that our engineers feel a sense of greater responsibility toward what they consider “their” projects. Our teams are qualified, responsive, and committed not only to getting a project designed, but to getting it built.